Working on

fall/winter schedules!

Kids Groups

Kids groups are designed to be small and move at your own comfortable pace yet build on social interaction through parallel play. All levels of skills encourages to come.

Please feel free to request activities. I try to bring chalk, bubbles and a ball to these events too.

Adult Groups

We have get togethers to learn or take a break and discuss what is on our minds, network or ask questions. This is a safe place to open up, vent, collect ideas and be away from kids for short while. Besides, it feels good getting to know other people that understand.

All Adults are welcome!

Tween-Teen Groups

Our hope is to gain enough interest to offer events for this age group. 


I am open to suggested events !

Family Events

Every so often i will try to host a family event. this can range from Picnics to Movie nights. All Family members welcome!


PLEASE RSVP for the Groups

It will help us be sure to have enough supplies and space for the event when you RSVP. you may still attend without an rsvp but it is just for preperation purposes.


Please rsvp via email or on facebook with the name of the event you plan on attending.


Visit the EVENTS calendar for details on events

Email Me Here

<-- Click to Join & Chat


Your donations are welcome to help keep the group and activities going.

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